Participants live in cabins, with room for 12-24 in the grand room and an additional 4 beds in a smaller adjacent room, called the cube. Each cabin has its own bathroom facilities and there are designated shower buildings nearby, for males and females. Some cabins also feature their own shower facilities.

Wide areas of glass and covered porches provide a tranquil view of our private lake and woods, while allowing warm sunlight and fresh breezes to brighten and cool each cabin. Participants’ clothing and personal items are kept in shelves or hanging on racks

Private accommodations are also available for groups that require them.

Dining Hall

In a peanut-free environment, or menus balance great taste with nutritious foods which include a substantial salad bar, outdoor BBQ cookouts and fresh fruits.

Our dining hall seats 600 people and can be used for activities other than meals.  Groups often use this space as an alternative to the big recreation hall.

Health Care

Camp Timberlane is located just 12 minutes from the Haliburton hospital, where we share a very good and long standing relationship.

If necessary, our infirmary has beds to house five people.


Camp Timberlane has several multi-purpose buildings for your group to enjoy.  Our largest building, the Rec Hall, seats 600 people and has bleacher seating along the perimeter.  Our Centennial hall (Health & Fitness Centre) has a capacity of 150 people, while the staff lounge can seat 70. Both Centennial Hall and the Staff lounge feature fire places.

Each of our buildings at Timberlane are completely enclosed and have electricity throughout.  Presentation materials can be provided by the camp and room set up can be tailored to your needs.


Groups needing space for their administration team can make use of the site’s office.  The office is “northern” equipped.  Use of the photocopier, telephones, fax machine, and internet can all be accessed.

Ice Cream Shop

Timberlane features a VERY popular Ice Cream Shop, adored by both children and adults. Enjoy some of our onsite made soft serve ice cream, hard ice cream or choose from one of our flavoured Slushies.