Camp Timberlane has several multi-purpose buildings.

The Rec Hall, our largest building, seats over 600 people, with bleacher seating along the perimeter.

Centennial Hall (Dance & Fitness Centre) has a capacity of up to 150 people.

The Staff Lounge can accommodate up to 70 guests and features pool tables, games, couches and TV with cable. Both Centennial Hall and the Staff Lounge come equipped with indoor fireplaces.

Dining Hall:

Our dining hall can seat up to 500 people and is most commonly used for receptions and as a programming
area in between meals. It can be set up and configured to each group’s specification and tailored for each event. The dining hall is often used as an alternative to the indoor recreation hall.

Our chef designs menus that offer nutritious, filling and tasty options. Highlights
of our food program include a comprehensive salad bar (to accommodate
vegetarian and vegan guests), fresh fruit and opportunities to cook and eat
outside at our various BBQ stations. Our chef and the kitchen team can accommodate all special diets and dietary concerns.


Our cabins are clean, comfortable and built to withstand northern weather
conditions. Each cabin has room for 12 – 16 people in the grand room, with an
additional four beds in a smaller adjacent room.
Every cabin has its own bathroom facilities, including multiple toilets and sinks
with hot and cold running water. There are designated male and female shower
buildings conveniently located throughout the site. Several cabins also come
equipped with showers.

Cabin design includes ample windows and covered porches to provide views and
the ability to relax in nature. There is a lot of natural light in every cabin, as well
as excellent ventilation to ensure a cool, comfortable stay. Shelving and hanging
space is plentiful to enable guests to unpack and feel at home right away.
Electricity is available in each cabin, with multiple outlets conveniently placed
throughout the grand room and cube.
We also offer private accommodations for groups that require them.

Health Care:

Camp Timberlane is located just 12 minutes from the Haliburton hospital, where
we share a long-standing relationship. If necessary, our infirmary can house up
to five people. Epipen and first aid stations are located all around camp.