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In 1958, the visionaries Barry and Philomena Lowes embarked on a journey to create something truly special: Camp Timberlane. Their dream was more than just a summer camp; it was a sanctuary where children could immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, develop new talents, forge lasting bonds, and embrace and celebrate their individuality. Throughout the span of six decades, Barry and Philomena’s unwavering dedication and fervor for the authentic camping experience have imbued Timberlane with its deeply cherished traditions and unmistakable character. While times have changed, the core spirit of Camp Timberlane remains undiminished. Now, under the diligent stewardship of owner and director Corey Mandell, Timberlane continues to flourish, upholding its rich legacy and extending its core values to future generations of campers.

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From our very first summer, a heartwarming sentiment has resonated among our dedicated campers and staff. It’s an emotion that fills us with joy and anticipation each time we think of returning to our cherished “Home away from Home.” More than just a place, it’s where memories come alive, friendships flourish, and bonds deepen. As we look forward to the Summer of 2024, this magical feeling already ignites passion and excitement within us, reminding us of the adventures that lie ahead.

At Camp Timberlane, we provide a diverse range of activities, led by experienced and dedicated instructors. Each child, whether a novice or an expert, receives personalized attention. Our counselors accompany campers to every activity, ensuring they engage with friends, enjoy themselves, and feel the pride of accomplishment. We understand that some of our younger campers might be hesitant to explore new activities if left to their own devices. By joining their cabin mates and being guided by their counselors, paired with our expert instructors’ encouragement and guidance, your child will acquire new skills and passions that will stay with them throughout their lives.

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"Camp Timberlane is built on many rich, long-standing traditions. In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we are continuously re-imagining the possibilities, re-thinking our policies, and re-inventing the camp experience, on, and off-season".

Director/Owner Corey Mandell

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