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Camp Timberlane was established in 1958 by Barry and Philomena Lowes. Their vision was to create a community where kids could spend their summers, connect with nature, learn new skills, become part of a family and express their individuality. For the past six decades, Barry and Philomena’s love of camping and dedication to campers have shaped Timberlane’s enduring traditions and distinctive spirit. The core values, spirit, and integrity of Timberlane continues today under the leadership of owner/director Corey Mandell.

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Since our very first summer, this wonderful sentiment is often heard from our loyal campers and staff. The familiar feeling of happiness and excitement that we have when it is time to return to our “Home away from Home” is a feeling that nothing can be compared to. Looking ahead to the Summer of 2020,  this magical feeling has begun to stir inside of our hearts and our minds.

Camp Timberlane offers a rich array of activities taught by full-time, qualified instructors. Careful and individual attention is given to every child, beginner to expert. Counselors travel with their campers to all activities to ensure that they participate with friends, have fun and experience the thrill of achievement. At Timberlane, we know that some campers, especially younger ones, if given total free choice will shy away from trying new activities. By going with cabin mates, guided by their counselors and finding qualified instructors ready to encourage and teach them, Timberlane will give your child new skills and interests that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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"Camp Timberlane is built on many rich, long-standing traditions. In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we are continuously re-imagining the possibilities, re-thinking our policies, and re-inventing the camp experience, on, and off-season".

Director/Owner Corey Mandell

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