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Corey Mandell

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Corey has spent 42 summers at Timberlane, starting as a camper in 1980. In 2006, Corey became owner and director, committed to reinventing the Timberlane experience. His vision was clear -- maintain the traditions and values of the camp experience that shaped him, while setting new precedents in programming, staffing and camper care. He is incredibly proud of the camp that Timberlane has become – a place where kids can have the best and learn from the best, while having the support and encouragement that allows them to figure out who they want to be and how they want to shine. Corey looks forward to continuing to work with the amazing leadership team to constantly raise the bar on Timberlane’s standards of camper care, staffing, programming and facilities.

Corey was educated at York University in Toronto. He attended Sheridan College Television and Film Program and is the CEO and Founder Mandell Entertainment Group.

Corey Mandell, Owner/Director

“Growing up at Timberlane, I had the chance to be exactly who I was – a creator and a performer. I was encouraged in those things and celebrated for them. I would not be the person I am today without Timberlane.”

Ida Gold

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Ida has literally grown up at Timberlane, spending almost every summer here. Her mom, Judy, was one of the original Timberlaner's, starting in 1958 when Barry founded the camp. Having grown up at camp herself, Ida understands firsthand what it means to be part of the camp community and to be shaped by the camp experience – making lifelong friends, being away from home, trying new things, and finding yourself, your voice and your confidence. Ida understands how great her responsibility is to parents and their campers, and works tirelessly every day to make sure that Timberlane is a place where kids can be their best, feel their best and love themselves.

Ida holds a B.A. in Sociology from York University and a B.Ed. from Trent University. During her teaching career, she specialized in Special Education for more than a decade at a small private school.

Ida Gold, Director

“My job at camp is truly special to me. I feel proud and empowered every summer witnessing campers and staff grow and evolve in such a positive way. For me, camp is family. Camp is pride. Camp is home. I love what I do.”

Harley Hayman

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Harley has spent 25 summers at Timberlane and has been a full-time member of the leadership team since 2010. He is proud of the effort and devotion the Timberlane staff have put in to improve the caliber of camping at Timberlane. As part of his role, Harley spends close to five months up at camp, overseeing Timberlane’s programming and off-season events. For Harley, there is no place that he would rather be. Regardless of what he’s doing, where he’s traveling or whom he’s meeting all roads lead back to Timberlane. Harley feels privileged to lead a team that is committed to constant growth, accountability and strong community.

Harley Hayman, Director

“The connection I have with the campers and staff, year after year, is irreplaceable. Being part of and leading such an inclusive, dynamic, family environment is incredibly meaningful to me.”

Brit Lowes

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Camping is in Brit’s DNA. He has been at Timberlane from the start, watching his parents realize their vision of creating a unique summer experience for kids. Educated as a lawyer, Brit knew that his heart and real purpose was in camping. He is a vital member of the leadership team, overseeing the business and administration aspects of Timberlane’s operations. Brit is excited to continue to develop Timberlane’s state-of-the-art camping facilities while maintaining the core values and traditions that his parents established when they founded the camp 62 years ago.

Brit was educated at College du Leman Switzerland, York University and received an L.L.B. from the University of Windsor.

Brit Lowes, Director

“I am so grateful to my parents for starting a summer camp that has been an integral part of my life. I share my parents’ passion for camping and am so thrilled to carry on the Timberlane traditions that they started 63 years ago.”

Barry Lowes 1927 - 2020

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Barry has a BPHE from the University of Toronto and a M.A. from New York University.

“Timberlane was born from my parents’ two main passions – children and camping. They were true pioneers in Canada’s camping industry, and their founding values persist today and continue to shape the Timberlane experience.”
Brit Lowes

In 1958, Barry and Philomena Lowes had a vision to start a summer camp whose spirit was defined by community, family and celebrating and encouraging individuality. Their goal was to create a place where kids could learn, grow and define the values that they would take as adults into society.

While Phil and Barry are no longer with us and greatly missed, Barry embodied the essence of Timberlane and was loved and revered by campers and staff alike. He took great pride in seeing the generations of Timberlaner's – current campers and their parents and grandparents who also grew up camp – embrace the values that he and Phil rooted Timberlane in at the start 63 years ago.

Barry Lowes, Co-Founder

1927 – 2020

“Timberlane was born from my parents’ two main passions – children and camping. They were true pioneers in Canada’s camping industry, and their founding values persist today and continue to shape the Timberlane experience.”
Brit Lowes

Philomena Lowes 1921-2015

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Philomena "Phil" Lowes will always remain dear in our hearts.

Philomena Lowes, Co-Founder


Philomena “Phil” Lowes will always remain dear in our hearts.

Medical Team:

Dr Kenny Melvin

Chief Medical Advisor

Ken Melvin’s first summer at Timberlane was in 1961, first as a Voyager camper, then C DE B, CIT, and he then spent a number of summers on Sail staff. He returned as Camp Doctor in 1993 with his wife Susan, and daughters Amanda, Lindsay and Rochelle, all of whom became Timberlane campers and staff. In his working life he practices adult Cardiology at University Health Network in Toronto. He loves camp and still remains actively involved in the medical program at Timberlane.


Cindy Polan

Head Nurse

Cindy Polan is in her 23rd Summer as the Head Nurse at Camp Timberlane. When Cindy isn’t taking care of the Timberlane campers, she is at home taking care of her four boys; her husband and three sons that all attended Timberlane. Her husband, Shy, is an avid visitor, so we consider him a part of the Timberlane family. Cindy loves Timberlane and looking out for the safety and well-being of campers as if they are her own. She loves the people and the atmosphere at Timberlane and watching the kids grow up summer after summer.

Dr. Deena Savlov

Camp Doctor

Dr. Deena Savlov has been at camp for 9 years and has completed her paediatric residency at SickKids Hospital in Toronto after which she worked as a General Paediatrician at North York General Hospital for 2 years and at SickKids Hospital for 5 years. She now works as a General Paediatrician at Kindercare Pediatrics in Toronto.

Deena also has clinical expertise in the care of children with medical complexity. During her years at SickKids Hospital, she provided longitudinal care to children with complex medical needs as well as otherwise healthy children.

Dr. Darren Merker

Camp Doctor

Dr. Darren Merker has been a doctor at Timberlane for 16 years. Dr. Merker has over 20 years at camp as a camper, tennis staff, counsellor, and camp doctor.

He met his wife Shayna at Timberlane and his 2 children, Ryan and Halle, have been coming with him to camp since they were born.

Dr. Merker is a busy family physician, with special interests in cosmetic and geriatric medicine. He circles his week at Timberlane on the calendar at the end of every summer, looking forward to his next stay at is home away from home.

Dr. Trevor Glazman

Camp Doctor

Trevor has proudly been a doctor at Timberlane for over 20 years. Both his kids, Ethan and Martine, learned to walk by cruising along the benches in Timberlane’s dining hall. In the city, Trevor is a busy family doctor and part-time surgical assistant at Sunnybrook in the orthopaedic/trauma OR’s. Trevor and Lara met at camp in the late 1980s at the ski docks, prior to attending the University of Western Ontario together in the early 1990s.

Dr. Justine Cohen-Silver

Camp Doctor

Dr. Justine Cohen-Silver: is a paediatrician with a focus in inner city health.  She completed medical school and Paediatric residency at the University of Toronto following a Master’s degree in Biostatistics at the University of Toronto.  She then completed a post graduate fellowship in Academic paediatrics with a focus in urban health at St.Michael’s Hospital simultaneously a Master’s in Public Health with a focus in Health promotion. She practices as a consultant in general paediatrician and researcher  at St. Joseph’s hospital and St. Michael’a Hospital as well as casual staff at the Hospital for Sick Children Emergency room. She is really really  excited to bring my experience in paediatrics to Camp Timberlane especially as two of my children are attending camp with a 5 year old keen to join their ranks one day. She hope to provide thorough and empathetic care to the Timberlane family. It’s going to be an amazing summer!!

Dr. Jaclyn Klein

Camp Doctor

Dr. Jaclyn Klein is new to our Camp team and excited to come back for a third summer! Both Jaclyn and her husband were campers at Timberlane and her husband Daniel spent 7 years on staff. They feel privileged to bring their children to camp each summer! Dr. Klein completed her medical degree at University of British Columbia and her family medicine residency at Western University. Since 2017, she has been practicing as a community based family physician.

Dr. Jesse Wolfstadt

Camp Doctor

Jesse is a staff orthopaedic surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital and an assistant professor of surgery in the Division of Orthopaedics at the University of Toronto. Prior to medical school, Jesse spent his summers as a camper, followed by 5 years on swim staff at a sleepover camp in Muskoka. Jesse, his wife Erin, two boys Miles and Axel, and newborn daughter Stevie are excited to spend a fun and safe week at Timberlane.

Senior Staff:

Jeremy Freeman

Head of Waterfront

Jeremy Freeman is returning to Camp for his 11th summer. He has managed our Sail program for 6 years and is a regular star in our staff musicals. Over the last few summers, Jeremy has taken on a larger role overseeing our waterfront, and Jeremy will be returning as our Head of Waterfront for a 4th year. Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, Jeremy is now living and working in Canada, while counting down the days until Summer 2024!

Jay Orton

Senior Administrator

Jay Orton has been at camp for many summers and is an integral part of our Administrative Team. After 3 decades at TD Bank, Jay as fully immersed himself in the Timberlane life. From his administrative expertise to his theatrical prowess, Jay has become a true Timberlane fixture.

Laura Hochman

Senior Administrator & Head of Swim

Laura Hochman has been at overnight camp for many summers, and has spend the last 15 years with Timberlane. Laura is returning as a Senior Administrator and Head of our Swim Program. Laura also helps oversee our creative arts programming. When Laura is not at Camp, she is a teacher with the TDSB and is an Aquatic Manager at Shendy’s Swim School.

Amanda Casselman

Timberlane/Ivy & Weekender Trip Coordinator

Amanda was a camper, staff and Unit Head at Timberlane for many years and considers Timberlane her home away from home. Amanda is returning this year as our Timberlane/Ivy & Weekender Trip Coordinator. During the year, she is an elementary teacher in the TDSB. Since her summers at Timberlane, Amanda has been a Program Director on several Westcoast Connection programs all over the United States. Amanda cannot wait to get back to Camp and share special moments with all the new campers and Ivy campers experiencing Timberlane for the first time.

Jim Wruth

Head of Maintenance

Jim Wruth has worked at Timberlane for 15 summers on our maintenance team & has been one of our Maintenance Managers for 10 years. A carpenter by trade, Jim is responsible for many of the state-of-the-art projects that have taken place at Timberlane over the last decade. These projects include, but are not limited to; The Timberlane Treehouse, the new Nurse’s Cabin, Phil & Barry’s Ice Cream Shoppe and our recently rebuilt Rec Hall. Jim is joined at Camp by his son Ben. The Wruth’s are looking forward to another great summer at Timberlane.

Stephen Polevoy

Photography & Special Resources

Stephen Polevoy joined Camp Timberlane 9 summers ago after decades of success as a Director at Camp Northland. Not only an invaluable resource for us with his years of camping experience  and running special programmes he is also our Camp Photographer. Taking thousands of photos over the summer and ensuring parents keep in touch with their campers on a daily basis.

Dylan Huber

Programming & Camp DJ

Dylan Huber has been at Camp for 21 summers; 8 as a camper and 13 on staff. A former Counsellor and Tennis Staff, Dylan has been a Programmer & DJ at Timberlane for 8 summers. Dylan wears many hats at Camp, but he is most known for his stage name DJ Order 66. Always available to lend a helping hand, Dylan has become an integral part of the Timberlane family. Dylan has a BMOS Degree from Western University and specializes in consumer behaviour.

O'Neil Morris

Head of Riviera Beach & Waterfront Support

O’Neil Morris has been at camp for 9 summers. O’Neil is returning as our Head of Riviera Beach, as well as assisting with all things on the water. Muckers, Jenga, Swing ball, and Shuffle Board competitions with the campers are a highlight of his summer. A camper and staff favourite are his authentic Jerk chicken BBQ’s. O’Neil is looking forward to another Canadian summer spent at “Reggae Riv”, his home away from Jamaica.

Levv Shatil

Programming & Administration

Levv cannot wait to be back in his various roles for his 15th summer at Timberlane! Currently studying in the Integrated Science program at Western University, Levv is working on an Honours Specialization in physics. Throughout the school year, he also works as a Youth Resource Facilitator as part of the Youth CoRE peer support program at Children’s Hospital LHSC. Levv works closely with the Directors and has become a fixture in Main Cabin and the Tuck Shop. Always involved in programming and special events, Levv hopes to help create many more unforgettable Camp memories this summer!

Shawn ‘Coach Single’ Singleton

Head of Sports

Coach Single has been working with athletes for over 30 years. He will be returning to Timberlane for a fourth summer. His ‘super fun & respect your parents’ protocol is well received at Timberlane and at Leaside, where he coaches two AAA Baseball Teams. Coach is looking forward to sailing on the lake this summer and the 2024 Camp Timberlane Cup in Baseball, Basketball & Beach Volleyball!

Adam Pasternak

Special Resources & Administration

Adam is an educator with a strong passion for Camp and the outdoors. He has a BPS in Education and a degree in Philosophy from Western University. Adam is currently teaching Grade 6/8 Literacy and Social Studies at Associated Hebrew Schools. He is also eager to pass on his passion for music production, both at Associated and at Timberlane! According to Adam, there is no better place in the summer than Timberlane’s Lake of Two Islands. Adam affirms that the 14 years he has spent at Camp has helped shape the person he is today and inspired him to become a teacher.

Shael Rosen


Shael has been at Timberlane for six summers as the Camp Videographer. With 14 years of professional experience, he expertly captures the essence of camp life, keeping parents informed and campers entertained throughout the summer – especially during Sunday Night Live!

Unit Heads:

Alex Green

CIT Co/Unit Head

This year will mark Alex’s 11th summer at Timberlane after joining as an international staff on Theatre in 2011. After leading Timberlane’s Theatre Program for 5 summers, Alex has spent her last 5 years as a Unit Head – for Voyageur Girls, Weekenders and most recently, CdeB girls. A dual citizen of Canada and Australia, Alex loves welcoming new staff and campers to the Timberlane family and can’t imagine spending her summers anywhere else. Having spent the last 6 years living in London, England, Alex has recently returned to her hometown of Sydney, where she works in the producing team at the Sydney Opera House.

Kieran Brindley

Unit Head

Kieran is returning to Camp for his third summer at Timberlane. This summer, he’s looking forward to returning as a Unit Head. In his home country of Scotland, Kieran completed a Mechanical Technician Apprenticeship and intends to pursue a career in the Renewable Energy Industry. From the town of Stonehaven, he is counting down the days until he’s back in his second home in Haliburton, Canada.

Amy Morris

Unit Head

Amy is returning to Timberlane for her third summer, and can’t wait to be back in Canada! Amy previously worked with the Ivy & Weekender programs and loved introducing first-time campers to Timberlane.
Amy is currently studying Molecular Biology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. She is very excited to return to Camp as a Unit Head and is looking forward to ensuring all the Voy campers (and staff!) have the best summer.

Kate Sutherland

Unit Head

Kate can’t wait to be spending her second summer with her Timberlane family! Last year, Kate was a counsellor in Voy girls and this year she will joining the Unit Head team. Kate has just graduated from her degree in business management in Scotland, and is also currently studying to become a yoga teacher. She is looking forward to seeing all of the campers from last summer, as well as meeting all of the new faces. Kate is eager to make this summer the most memorable one yet!

James Forrest

Unit Head

James is returning to Timberlane for his third summer and can’t wait to be back! This will be James’ first year as Voy Boys Unit Head after two summers working as a counsellor with the youngest campers. Back home in Scotland, James has completed a childcare course at College, as well as tennis coaching qualifications with hopes of being a sports coach in the future. James’ favourite aspects of Timberlane are getting to know all the campers and staff, and trying all the activities Camp has to offer. He is looking forward to welcoming back all the Voy campers and making their summer the best it can be.

Mia Varrasso

Unit Head

Mia is from Victoria, Australia and first joined Timberlane in 2022. She had an amazing time meeting new people as a counsellor for G6 and the One Family girls. Away from Timberlane, Mia plays soccer for the Women’s Victorian Premier League. Her goal is to play for The Matildas, but until then, she works at a drive-in movie theatre. She is looking forward to returning to Camp as a Voy Girls Unit Head and ensuring the campers have a fun-filled summer!

Jordan Greenberg

CIT & Intercamp Coordinator

This summer will mark Jordan’s 6th season at Timberlane and his 4th summer on staff. Jordan was studying Recreation and Leisure the past 2 years at Fanshawe College, and is looking forward to Event Planning and Marketing this upcoming September. Timberlane has become Jordan’s second home from the start. He loves getting involved in all aspects of Camp. Jordan returns every summer because of how much he has learnt, the memories he has made and the people he has met during his time at Timberlane. Jordan loved every minute of his CIT Summer and wants to give each CIT the experience that he had – and more!

Rachel Singer

CIT Coordinator

Rachel’s returning for her fourth summer at Timberlane, and she couldn’t be more thrilled about it! After wrapping up her second year studying Biology at Western University, she’s counting down the days until new adventures begin at Camp. Timberlane is the highlight of her year, and becoming a CIT Coordinator is a dream come true. From making new friends to deepening bonds with the CIT girls she’s known for years, Rachel’s ready for endless fun and creating memories.  Rachel is determined to lead with ambition and kindness, and wants to ensure that this summer is truly unforgettable.

Kyle Kaufman

CIT Coodinator

Kyle is back at Timberlane for his 11th summer at Camp. He spends the school year studying Civil Engineering at Western University. Whether he is meeting new people or trying a new activity, the opportunities at Camp are extremely special to Kyle. Camp has provided him with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Kyle’s favourite summer was when he was a SIT, and he cannot wait to give the incoming CIT’s a better experience than they could have ever imagined.

Eliza Fromm

Unit Head

Eliza will be joining us at Timberlane for the first time this summer. She has spent the last 4 years teaching high school in Australia and is looking forward to getting to know all of our incredible campers and staff. Eliza loves everything sport and the outdoors. She has recently spent the winter working on her snowboarding skills west in western Canada. Eliza can’t wait for the summer to begin her Timberlane adventure!

Lauren Heller

Unit Head

Entering her 12th summer, Lauren’s journey began as a camper in 2012 with the biggest smile on her face. This summer, she steps into the role of CdeB Girls Unit Head, ready to lead with enthusiasm and compassion. Lauren returns each summer to form countless new memories with her campers and staff. After just completing her second year at Western University, studying Biology, Lauren eagerly anticipates the highlight of her year: Camp! Inspired by her experiences and fueled by her love for Camp, Lauren is determined to make this summer the best one yet.

Jamie Jacobson

Unit Head

Jamie is returning to Camp for his 12th summer, and first time as CdeB Boys Unit Head. Jamie is excited to take advantage of this opportunity to positively impact everyone’s summer at Camp. He returns to camp year after year because he appreciates the welcoming and inclusive environment, as well as creating lifelong memories. Throughout the academic year, Jamie attends Queen’s University and studies Kinesiology. He considers Camp as his home away from home, and he is eager to make summer 24 the best one yet!

Ryan Taub

Unit Head

After completing his second year at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ryan is eagerly gearing up for his ninth summer at Timberlane and first as a Voyager Boys Unit Head! Ryan strives to create unforgettable experiences for everyone, filled with laughter and friendship. His goal is to ensure that every camper leaves with memories they’ll treasure forever, carrying the spirit of Camp with them wherever they go. Ryan can’t wait to meet all the campers this summer!

Cooper Mindel

Unit Head

Cooper is heading back to Timberlane for his 11th summer! He is currently studying political science at Queen’s University, but he can’t stop thinking about Camp. For Cooper, Timberlane is about the fun times, good friends and campers that pull him back every year. He had a blast as a camper himself, and wants to make sure the campers of 2024 have even more fun. Cooper is counting down the days to another great summer at Timberlane!

Heads of Specialty:

Rachel Shulman

Head of Ski/Wake

Rachel has been at Timberlane for 14 summers and is a familiar face around the Ski docks. Throughout her years at Camp, Rachel participated in our Wakeboard Clinics where she developed her skills, along with a strong passion for skiing and wakeboarding. This will be her 6th year on Ski/Wake Staff and her third summer leading the program. Rachel is looking forward to working with our dynamic Ski/Wake team, getting back on the lake and teaching our campers.

Ryan Stern

Co-Head of Ski/Wake

Ryan is extremely excited to return to camp for his 10th summer, and first as Head of Ski/Wake! He fell in love with the ski docks on his first day as a camper, and has continued to work on his passion ever since. Ryan has grown up on the water developing not only his water sport abilities, but also, boat driving and water safety skills. He is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to lead such a prestigious program, and pass on his passion to the campers. Ryan can’t wait to see everyone on the docks!

Joanna van Hagen

Head of Sail

Jo hails from Sydney, Australia. She is a keen bean for her first summer at Timberlane as Head of Sailing. Jo is a qualified early childhood and primary teacher, and keelboat sailing instructor. She is looking forward to sharing her skills and experiences with campers and fellow staff. When she is not at Camp, Jo enjoys teaching, outdoor adventures, offshore racing, singing and dancing.

Jake Mortensen

Head Tripper

Jake will be returning for his 6th year on Trip Staff, and his 13th summer at Camp. Jake went on his first canoe trip many summers ago at Timberlane and fell in love with the outdoors. He is always appreciative of getting the chance to give back to the campers. This summer promises to be especially thrilling, as Jake will be co-leading Trip with longtime friend Mica Shatil. The Trippers are Looking forward to a summer of fun outdoor adventures!

Mica Shatil

Head Tripper

Mica is returning for his 11th summer with Camp Timberlane, and fourth summer on the canoe tripping team. He is excited to be co-heading the Trip program with long time friend Jacob Mortensen. Mica studies Computer Science and Business Administration (BCS/BBA) at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. He has worked in data science, sales, and project management, but he always looks forward to returning to Camp to guide campers in exploring Ontario’s natural beauty.

Jacob Schwarze

Head of Ropes

Returning for his 2nd year as Head of Ropes, and his 4th year at Timberlane, Jacob will be juggling, unicycling, telling jokes and throwing frisbees! Jacob gives his all into every High Ropes session, B1 campfires, treehouse trips, and on the docks as Head of Fish! He sure does have his eyes on the skies and feet in the water here at Timberlane! Jacob will be studying teaching at Bishop’s University in Quebec this fall and will be using his experiences from Camp and school to become a stronger teacher and counsellor for years to come.

Lauren Hall

Head of Tennis

Hailing from Lancashire in the North of England, Lauren is probably better known as “Chippy Tea” at Camp! Lauren is an LTA accredited tennis coach, after previously playing tennis to a high level when she was younger. Lauren also holds a BA degree in Sport and Physical Education, and is currently completing her teacher training. Returning to Timberlane for her 2nd year, she is looking forward to developing campers’ tennis skills and making more incredible memories!

Ellie Chapnick

Co-Head of Swim

Ellie is thrilled to return to Camp for her 10th summer as a familiar and friendly face on the docks. During the year, she studies biology at Western University, but she eagerly counts down the days until she can come back to Timberlane. Ellie returns each summer because she feels the community at Camp is very special. She looks forward to working with the rest of the swim team and everyone who comes down to lake, sharing her enthusiasm for the water and helping campers develop their skills. For Ellie, Camp is a second home, and she’s all set for the best summer yet!

Ben Scott

Head of Paddles

Ben is looking forward to his 2nd summer at Timberlane. Last year, Ben was part of the Ivy/Weekender staff, and this year he is taking on the role of Head of Paddles. From Northern Ireland, Ben is currently in his 2nd year of university studying Finance and Accounting in Nottingham, UK. He is also an avid rugby fan and loves the great outdoors. He’s very excited to see some familiar faces as well as new ones, and is going to help make Timberlane’s 66th summer the best yet!

Kate Griffiths

Co-Head of A&C

Kate lives in sunny Devon in the South West of England and is delighted to be travelling back to Timberlane for her 2nd summer. Since returning to the UK, Kate has continued working with various schools helping those with special educational needs. Kate cannot wait to return to camp as Co-Head of A&C and see old friends, meet new ones and be part of a team to ensure all of the campers have their best Timberlane summer yet!

Hope Morris

Co-Head of A&C

Hope is really looking forward to her 2nd summer at Timberlane and working in A&C and Theatre! Hope loved working in A&C last year and can’t wait to be Co-Head with Kate. Hope is from Kent in England and is currently planning on travelling to Asia and Australia early next year. She is so excited to work in A&C again and to put on amazing theatre shows with the campers and staff!

Our Staff: Passionate, Energetic and Accountable

At Timberlane, we believe that our campers deserve the finest, and to deliver that, we ensure they learn from the best. Our hiring, training, and mentoring process adheres to this principle. We seek individuals brimming with enthusiasm – those who have a genuine passion for working with children, exhibit dynamism, radiate energy, and lead both in action and by setting an example.

Our staff is a mosaic of backgrounds. Many of our counselors are Timberlane alumni; this camp is their heart and soul. They resonate with its traditions and grasp every nuance of the camp experience, having lived it themselves just as our campers do now. Additionally, our vibrant contingent of international staff infuses the camp with a unique maturity and skill set, paired with boundless energy and professional determination.

However, irrespective of their origin – be it Toronto, Australia, England, Israel, or elsewhere globally – every staff member is united by a singular ethos: accountability. We demand of our staff the same standards you hope for your child. From counselors to specialists to unit heads, every team member is held responsible, ensuring an environment that is positive, nurturing, safe, and filled with joy.

In line with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) established in 2005, Camp Timberlane has taken all necessary steps to comply. We stand firm in our commitment to accessibility, ensuring any applicant requiring accommodations is fully catered to.

Interested in spending a summer inspiring kids, helping them make new friends, grow their confidence and reach their goals? Join us for a unique opportunity to develop your leadership skills as part of a fun, friendly, dedicated and dynamic team.  

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