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Corey Mandell

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Corey has spent 39 summers at Timberlane, starting as a camper in 1980. In 2006, Corey became owner and director, committed to reinventing the Timberlane experience. His vision was clear -- maintain the traditions and values of the camp experience that shaped him, while setting new precedents in programming, staffing and camper care. He is incredibly proud of the camp that Timberlane has become – a place where kids can have the best and learn from the best, while having the support and encouragement that allows them to figure out who they want to be and how they want to shine. Corey looks forward to continuing to work with the amazing leadership team to constantly raise the bar on Timberlane’s standards of camper care, staffing, programming and facilities.


Corey was educated at York University in Toronto. He attended Sheridan College Television and Film Program and is the CEO and Founder Mandell Entertainment Group.

Corey Mandell, Owner/Director

“Growing up at Timberlane, I had the chance to be exactly who I was – a creator and a performer. I was encouraged in those things and celebrated for them. I would not be the person I am today without Timberlane.”

Ida Gold

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Ida has literally grown up at Timberlane, spending 38 of her 40 summers there. Her mom, Judy, was one of the original Timberlaners, starting in 1958 when Barry founded the camp. Having grown up at camp herself, Ida understands firsthand what it means to be part of the camp community and to be shaped by the camp experience – making lifelong friends, being away from home, trying new things, and finding yourself, your voice and your confidence. Ida understands how great her responsibility is to parents and their campers, and works tirelessly every day to make sure that Timberlane is a place where kids can be their best, feel their best and love themselves.


Ida holds a B.A. in Sociology from York University and a B.Ed. from Trent University. During her teaching career, she specialized in Special Education for more than a decade at a small private school.

Ida Gold, Director

“My job at camp is truly special to me. I feel proud and empowered every summer witnessing campers and staff grow and evolve in such a positive way. For me, camp is family. Camp is pride. Camp is home. I love what I do.”

Harley Hayman

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Harley has spent 20 summers at Timberlane (so far) and has been a full-time member of the leadership team since 2010. As part of his role, Harley spends close to five months up at camp, overseeing not only Timberlane’s programming, but running the off-season events as well. For Harley, there is no place that he would rather be. Regardless of what he’s doing, where he’s traveling or whom he’s meeting, Timberlane is his compass, and all roads always bring him back there. Harley feels privileged to be part of a team that is committed to constant progress and strong community. He is truly proud of the hard work that the leadership team has put in to improve the caliber of camping at Timberlane.


Harley holds a Masters of Science in Education from the University of Miami and a BA in Sport Management (Honours) from Brock University.

Harley Hayman, Director

“The connection I have with the campers and staff, year after year, is irreplaceable. Being part of and leading such an inclusive, dynamic, family environment is incredibly meaningful to me.”

Brit Lowes

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Camping is in Brit’s DNA. He has been at Timberlane from the start, watching his parents realize their vision of creating a unique summer experience for kids. Educated as a lawyer, Brit knew that his heart and real purpose was in camping. He is a vital member of the leadership team, overseeing the business and administration aspects of Timberlane’s operations. Brit is excited to continue to develop Timberlane’s state-of-the-art camping facilities while maintaining the core values and traditions that his parents established when they founded the camp 60 years ago.


Brit was educated at College du Leman Switzerland, York University and received an L.L.B. from the University of Windsor.

Brit Lowes, Director

“I am so grateful to my parents for starting a summer camp that has been an integral part of my life. I share my parents’ passion for camping and am so thrilled to carry on the Timberlane traditions that they started 60 years ago.”

Barry Lowes

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Barry has a BPHE from the University of Toronto and a M.A. from New York University.

“Timberlane was born from my parents’ two main passions – children and camping. They were true pioneers in Canada’s camping industry, and their founding values persist today and continue to shape the Timberlane experience.”
Brit Lowes

In 1958, Barry and Philomena Lowes had a vision to start a summer camp whose spirit was defined by community, family and celebrating and encouraging individuality. Their goal was to create a place where kids could learn, grow and define the values that they would take as adults into society.

While Phil is no longer with us and is missed greatly, Barry embodies the essence of Timberlane and is loved and revered by campers and staff alike. He takes great pride in seeing the generations of Timberlaners – current campers and their parents and grandparents who also grew up camp – embrace the values that he and Phil rooted Timberlane in at the start 60 years ago.

Barry Lowes, Co-Founder/Director

“Timberlane was born from my parents’ two main passions – children and camping. They were true pioneers in Canada’s camping industry, and their founding values persist today and continue to shape the Timberlane experience.”
Brit Lowes

Philomena Lowes 1921-2015

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Philomena "Phil" Lowes will always remain dear in our hearts.

Philomena Lowes, Co-Founder/Director


Philomena “Phil” Lowes will always remain dear in our hearts.

Medical Team:

Dr Kenny Melvin

Chief Medical Advisor

Ken Melvin’s first summer at Timberlane was in 1961, first as a Voyager camper, then C DE B, CIT, and he then spent a number of summers on Sail staff. He returned as Camp Doctor in 1993 with his wife Susan, and daughters Amanda, Lindsay and Rochelle, all of whom became Timberlane campers and staff. In his working life he practices adult cardiology at University Health Network in Toronto. He loves camp and still remains actively involved in the medical program at camp.



Cindy Polan

Head Nurse

Cindy Polan is in her 19th Summer as the Head Nurse at Camp Timberlane. When Cindy isn’t taking care of the Timberlane campers, she is at home taking care of her four boys; her husband and three sons that all attended Timberlane. Her husband, Shy, is an avid visitor, so we consider him a part of the Timberlane family. Cindy loves Timberlane and looking out for the safety and well-being of campers as if they are her own. She loves the people and the atmosphere at Timberlane and watching the kids grow up summer after summer.

Tori Afrin

Head Nurse

Tori is returning to camp to rejoin Timberlane’s medical team full time for the summer. Tori is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, as well as an Honours degree in Health Sciences from Western University. It will be Tori’s 15th summer at camp, her 9th on staff. Tori absolutely loves Camp and feels very fortunate to be able to come back all these years. She has transitioned from camper to a counsellor and onto become a Unit Head. Now one of our Head Nurses and Health Care Administrator’s she hopes to help everyone fall in love with camp like she did, and show how much you can grow and learn because of it.

Dr. Elisha Targonsky

Camp Doctor

Dr Elisha Targonsky, an emergency physician, joined the Timberlane family in 2015 and is excited to be returning for his 4th year as a camp doctor! His favourite snack is Reese Peanut Butter cups (but not at camp), and his favourite super hero is Spider-Man. Best of all, he enjoys spending time with his family (especially at camp)!

Dr. Trevor Glazman

Camp Doctor

Trevor has proudly been a doctor at Timberlane for 18 years. Both his kids, Ethan and Martine, learned to walk by cruising along the benches in Timberlane’s dining hall. In the city, Trevor is a busy family doctor and part-time surgical assistant at Sunnybrook in the orthopaedic /trauma OR’s. Trevor and Lara met at camp in the late 1980s at the ski docks, prior to attending the University of Western Ontario together in the early 1990s.

Dr. Jill Solomon

Camp Doctor

Dr Jill solomon has been at Timberlane for 7 years and is a Staff paediatrician with the Scarborough Hospital, as well as an associate part- time staff paediatrician in the Division of Haematology and Oncology at The Hospital for Sick Children. She also serves as an adjunct lecturer in the Division of paediatrics at the University of Toronto. Originally from Montreal, Dr Solomon completed her Bachelor of Science and Medical degree from McGill university. She trained in Paediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Jovian Collins

Camp Doctor

Jovian is a paediatrician who is currently completing her paediatric emergency medicine training at Sick Kids Hospital. Originally from Whitehorse, Yukon, Jovian spent her many of her summers’ as a child at Ontario camps and is very excited to be joining the Timberlane family this summer.

Jovian currently lives in Toronto with her husband and young son (who will be turning 2 while at Timberlane this summer!) and is eager to show them the joys of camp life. She is looking forward to spending a happy and healthy week with everyone at camp.

Dr. Jeff Mosko

Camp Doctor

Joining us for his Second summer as a Camp Doctor, Jeff is excited to spend another summer working at Timberlane. A camper for 8 years and 2 more on staff he considers Timberlane his second home and looks forward to spending time with his wife and daughters on the Lake of Two Islands.

Dr. Deena Savlov

Camp Doctor

Dr. Deena Savlov has been at camp for 5 years and has completed her paediatric residency at SickKids Hospital in Toronto after which she worked as a general paediatrician at North York General Hospital for 2 years and at SickKids Hospital for 5 years. She now works as a General Pediatrician at Kindercare Pediatrics in Toronto.

Deena also has clinical expertise in the care of children with medical complexity. During her years at SickKids Hospital, she provided longitudinal care to children with complex medical needs as well as otherwise healthy children.

Senior Staff:

Ben Gordon

Head Councillor & Voy Boy unit Head

For the past nine summers Ben and his family have been a big part of the Camp Timberlane family. The responsibilities that come with being a father and an educator have proved a perfect complement to the role he take’s on at camp. As well as being Head Councillor Ben is a Voyager Boys unit head.

Stephen Polevoy

Photography & Special Resources

Stephen Polevoy joined Camp Timberlane 3 summers ago after decades of success as a Director at Camp Northland. Not only an invaluable resource for us with his years of camping experience  and running special programmes he is also our Camp Photographer. Taking thousands of photos over the summer and ensuring parents keep in touch with their campers on a daily basis.




Jay Orton

Senior Administrator

Jay Orton has been at camp for many summers and is an integral part of our Administrative Team. After 3 decades at TD Bank, Jay as fully immersed himself in the Timberlane life. From his administrative expertise to his theatrical prowess, Jay has become a true Timberlane fixture.

Angie Lewis

Head of Maintenance

Angie Lewis has been a part of our maintenance team for 9 years and has been one of our Maintenance Managers for 5 years. Angie and her team are responsible for the Timberlane grounds and ensuring all areas of Camp, our cabins & facilities are kept at the highest standards. Angie is known for going over and above what is expected of her. As a mother (and grandmother!), Ang is always looking out for the health, hygiene and safety of our campers & staff. Angie is joined at Camp by her daughter Ashley, who is expecting her first child this summer.

Jim Wruth

Head of Maintenance

Jim Wruth has worked at Timberlane for 12 summers on our maintenance team & has been one of our Maintenance Managers for 6 years. A carpenter by trade, Jim is responsible for many of the state-of-the-art projects that have taken place at Timberlane over the last decade. These projects include, but are not limited to; The Timberlane Treehouse, the new Doctor’s Cabin, Phil & Barry’s Ice Cream Shoppe and our recently rebuilt Rec Hall. Jim is joined at Camp by his son Ben. The Wruth’s are looking forward to another great summer at Timberlane.


Unit Heads:

Phil Moynihan

Voy Boy Unit Head

Phil Moynihan has been at camp for 3 summers. This will be his second year as a Voy Boys Unit Head. Phil is currently graduating from Law school in Scotland.


Tyler Rose

Voy Boy Unit Head

Tyler Rose has been at camp for 13 summers. This will be his fifth year on staff, and his first year as a Voy Boys Unit Head. Tyler is currently studying at The University of Western Ontario.


Benji Bloom

Voy Boy unit Head

Benji Bloom has been at camp for 13 summers. This will be his fifth year on staff, and his first year as a Voy Boys Unit Head. Benji is currently studying at The University of Western Ontario.

Alex Green

Voy Girl Unit Head

Alexandra Green has been at camp for 8 summers. This will be her third year as a Voy Girls Unit Head. Alex has led our Theatre Program for 5 summers. She is currently studying at the Albert-Schweitzer School in London England.

Gillian Drukmaler

Voy Girl Unit Head

Gillian Drukmaler has been at camp for 12 summers. This will be her sixth year on staff and third year as a Voy Girls Unit Head. Gilly has graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Sciences.

Rachel Florence

Voy Girl Unit Head

Rachel Florence has been at camp for 12 summers. This will be her 4th year on staff and her first year as a Voy Girls Unit Head. Rachel is currently studying at Queens University.

Zach Lanys

C DE B Boys Unit Head

Zachary Lanys has been at camp for 12 summers. This will be his fifth year on staff, and his second year as a C de B Boys Unit Head. Zach is currently studying at McGill University.

Cameron Reynolds

C DE B Boys Unit Head

Cameron Reynolds has been at camp for 3 summers. This will be his first year as a C de B Boys Unit Head. Cam is currently living in South Australia and is looking forward to another summer in Canada.




Melanie Drutz

C DE B Girls Unit Head

Melanie Drutz has been at camp for 15 summers. This will be her sixth year on staff, and her third year as a C de B Girls Unit Head. Mel has graduated from McGill University with a degree in International Development.

Tyler Weltman

C DE B Girls Unit Head

Tyler Weltman has been at camp for 10 summers. This will be her 4th year on staff and her first year as a C de B Girls Unit Head. Tyler is currently studying at The Ivey school of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Fran Callander

Weekend Trips/ BVG Coordinator

Francesca Callander has been at camp for 6 summers. This will her first year as the Short-Term Program Coordinator. Fran spent the past 2 summers as one of our C de B Girls Unit Heads. Fran is currently studying Business Management in the UK.

Jess Rogers

Cit Girls Co-Ordinator

Jessica Rogers has been at camp for 4 summers. This will be her second year as a CIT Coordinator. Jessica is currently working as a skills coach in a therapeutic residential home for teenage girls at high risk. She also works in disability employment placing young adults in various jobs where they can excel. Jessica is currently living in Australia and is looking forward to another summer in Canada.

Addie Goldberg

Cit Girls Co-Ordinator

Addison Goldberg has been at camp for 11 summers. This will be her 5th year on staff and her first year as a CIT Coordinator. Addie is currently studying at the University of Arizona.

Adam Pasternak

Cit Boys Co-Ordinator

Adam Pasternak has been at camp for 10 summers. This will be his second year as a CIT Coordinator. Adam was Head of Land Sports and Intercamp for two summers prior to joining the Head Staff Team.




Josh Liquornik

Cit Boys Co-Ordinator

Josh Liquornik has been at camp for 7 summers. This will be his fifth year on staff and his first year as a CIT Coordinator. Josh is currently studying at the University of Western Ontario.





Heads of Specialty:

Dylan Hewett


Dylan Hewitt has been at camp for 5 summers. Dylan is returning as our Head of Waterfront for a second summer. Prior to taking on this role, Dylan was a senior swim staff and an Assistant Head of Swim. Dylan helps coordinate and facilitate the overnight trips to the Treehouse. Dylan is currently living in South Australia and is looking forward to returning to Canada.

Michaela Green


Michaela Green has been at camp for the last 4 summers. Joining us again from Sydney Australia she is continuing her role as the Head of Swim. Michaela studied at The University of Wollongong. She will be joining her sister Alex for another summer on the lake.


Andrew Shinoff,

CO Head of Ski

Andrew Shinoff has been at camp for 4 years. Coming to Timberlane from a camping background he joined us as a first year on Ski. Through the years he has progressed through the programme and excelled at running our ski clinics. Andrew studied at the University of Guelph and received a Bachelor of commerce and Majored in Leadership and Organizational management. Last year he became the Co-Head of Ski along with Alastair and is excited to join us for another summer and continue to grow the programme.

Alastair Kennedy

CO Head of Ski

Alastair Kennedy has been at Camp for 2 years. Originally from New Zealand he’s spent the last two summers at Camp on our Ski Programme. Last year he Joined Andrew as Co Head of Ski. He also is a huge part of our pre and post camp programmes spending 5 months working closely with Harley and his team up at camp. We are excited to have Alastair back with us for another summer before he rejoins the New Zealand Air Force.

Jeremy Freeman


Jeremy Freeman has been at Camp for 5 years. He has been running our sail programme for 3 years and is a regular star in our staff musicals. Coming back from Yorkshire in the UK he is excited to take out the new Catamarans and continue to grow the sail programme.

Cooper Stoll,


Cooper Stoll is joining us for his Second Summer at Camp. Originally from Adelaide South Australia, he came to Camp as a Senior roamer for first month last year before taking on a role on Paddles. This year as well as working at Pre and Post camp with Harley he will be running our Paddles programme.







Robert Purdham-Cook,


Robert Purdham Cook is Joining us for his 3rd summer at camp. Originally from Essex in the UK he is leading up our Ropes team for another season. He is also an integral part of our pre and post camp team spending 2 months last year overseeing the installation of our high ropes course before camp started.



Ian Noseworthy,

BMX & Evolve Camps

Ian Noseworthy is a veteran BMX rider. Having ridden professionally for over a decade he joined us 3 summers ago with EVOLVE BMX to oversee our BMX programme. As well as the day to day operation and maintenance of our off dirt jumps he works hard in training our staff in safely operating and teaching the course for the campers. An avid climber and all around extreme sports enthusiast he is looking forward to another summer expanding the track and teaching campers.




Kristen MacDonald


Kirsten McDonald will be joining us for her 2nd summer as Head of Dance and Fitness. From Edinborough Scotland, she has been dancing her whole life and regularly choreographs productions in the UK. She is excited for another summer elevating her programme and looks forward to two full weeks working alongside MOVE Dance Camp, she will also be working with Harley for Pre camp this summer.  



Ryan Hodge


Ryan Hodge will be heading up our Tennis Programme this summer. Joining us from the UK for his 3rd summer after finishing his Degree in Sports and Exercise Science he is eager to take the programme to new heights. He will also be working closely with Harley during pre and post camp this year.  








Jonathan Rosen

CO Head of Trip

Jonathan Rosen has been at Camp on our tripping Team for 4 years. Last year he took on CO-Head and excelled our Tripping to a new level. Finishing his studies at Queen’s University he is preparing for another Summer out on the Lakes with our Campers.



Lucas Morissette

Co Head of Trip

Lucas Morrisette has been at camp for 12 Summers, 6 on Staff. After previously heading up our trip programme he’s back after a summer of travelling and eager to continue to grow Timberlane’s next generation of trippers.



Chris Walshe

Video & Programming

Chris Walshe has been at camp for 2 Summers as our Videographer. Joining us once more after a winter in our office he’s excited to head up video and programming again whilst continuing to work on creating new exciting content for camp. Chris has degrees in Radio & Photography.

Laura Hochman

Senior Administrator & Theatre

Laura Hochman has been at camp for 9 summers. Laura is returning to Camp as Head of our Theatre and Creative Arts Program. When Laura is not at Camp, she works as a Kindergarten teacher at Bialik, with the TDSB, and as an Aquatic Manager at Shendy’s Swim School. In addition, Laura will assist with our Swim program and Administration.

Josh Gordon-Katz

CO Head of Landsports

Josh Gordon Katz has been at Camp for 10 Summers. This will be his fourth year on staff and is currently studying in Western University. He is excited to take on the role with Jamie after 3 summers on Landsports and is looking forward to another summer of successful Intercamps.

Jamie Wexler

CO Head of Lansports

Jamie Wexler has been at camp for 11 summers. This will be his 3rd year on staff and will be joining Josh as the CO-Head of lansports. Currently studying at Wilfrid Laurier University he is thrilled to be back for another summer at camp and taking on a larger role.

Oneil Morris

Head of Riviera Beach

Oneil Morris has been at camp for 3 summers. Oneil is returning as our Head of Riviera Beach. Muckers, Jenga, Swing ball, and Shuffle Board competitions with the campers are a highlight of his summer. A camper and staff favourite are his authentic Jerk chicken BBQ’s. New additions to Riv are Giant Connect 4 boards and Ping Pong tables. Oneil is looking forward to another Canadian summer spent at Timberlane at “Reggae Riv”, his home away from Jamaica.

Dylan Huber


Dylan Huber has been at Camp for 16 Summers. 8 as a Camper and 8 as Staff. Starting on tennis before progressing to senior roamer and finally finding his calling in Programming he is an integral part of daily camp life. Organising socials, DJing lunches as well as setting up all of our programming activities he is looking forward to another sunny summer at Timberlane. Dylan also has a BMOS Degree from Western University and specializes in consumer behaviour.

Our Staff: Passionate, Energetic and Accountable

One of our programming philosophies at Timberlane is that campers have the best and learn from the best. That is the standard by which we hire, train and mentor staff. We look for people that personify passion – they love working with kids, they’re dynamic, they’re energetic, they take the lead and lead by example.

Our staff is diverse. We have counselors who grew up at Timberlane. It’s their home. It’s in their blood. They embody the traditions and understand every aspect of the camp experience because they lived it just like the campers do. And we also have a large group of international staff that brings a different level of maturity and skill as well as an infectious energy and professional drive.

But every staff member, whether from Toronto, Australia, England or Israel or from around the world has one thing in common. And that’s accountability. We expect from our staff what you expect for your child. And we hold each and every staff member – counselors, specialists, unit heads – accountable to you and our campers in shaping and ensuring a positive, nurturing, safe and fun summer.

Camp Timberlane has complied in accordance under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) established in 2005. If any applicant requires any type of accommodation, Camp Timberlane is committed to being fully accessible.

Interested in spending a summer inspiring kids, helping them make new friends, grow their confidence and reach their goals? Join us for a unique opportunity to develop your leadership skills as part of a fun, friendly, dedicated and dynamic team.  

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