Judaism at Camp

Camp Timberlane has a long-standing, respected tradition as a Jewish camp, dating back to its inception in 1958. Through storied Shabbat services, charitable initiatives, community involvement and traditions with our Rabbi, campers learn of their rich and celebrated heritage at Camp Timberlane.


Our Shabbat services begin prior to dinner time at the Dining Hall. All campers and staff enter the Dining Hall quietly, wearing only white. The lights are turned off in the Dining Hall, in preparation for the lighting of the Shabbat Candles. Once everyone is seated, the service begins with a prayer over the Shabbat candles, the wine (we use grape juice, of course) and the bread. These prayers are led by campers that have been honoured earlier in the day and are recited in both Hebrew and English. The prayers are followed by a traditional Shabbat meal.

After dinner, we host a reflective Chapel service. The theme varies each week, but it is always tied into our philosophies and culture.  We end each chapel service with the Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem. 

One Family Fund

In 2006, Camp Timberlane and One Family Fund combined forces to sponsor victims of terror from Israel, to travel to Canada and enjoy the outdoors at a Jewish summer camp. The program has helped our campers build a stronger bridge with Israel, but more importantly has given victims of terror a safe, inspiring place they can call a home away from home.

Now, 9 years later, over 240 Israeli children and staff have become a part of this meaningful initiative that is still growing.