The bus ride up to camp is an important part of the overall experience. It gives kids a chance to meet each other and bond with the shared excitement of starting the summer. We organize bus groupings by age. Staff members are available on every bus.

If your child is coming to camp for the first time and does not know anybody, please let us know. We can buddy them up with another child. If you prefer, we can also arrange for siblings to sit together. Please make any special requests by June 1st.


The Timberlane buses depart from The Hangar parking lot at Downsview Park.

We use 54-seat luxury coaches equipped with washrooms. If you choose not to attend the departure party, please make sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your departure time. You will receive a separate information package, which will include your child’s bus number and departure time.

Snacks for the ride are welcomed and encouraged; Please do not send any snacks with any traces of peanut/tree nuts. We are a 100% peanut/tree nut free camp


If you are sending medication to camp with your child, please see one of the camp nurses prior to departure who will transport the medication safely up to camp.

Label all medication clearly with your child’s full name and dosage.


We provide home baggage pick up in Toronto/GTA for our first session and full season campers only. Second session, specialty camps and all weekender campers bring their baggage to the buses. All campers in all programs arrive home with their bags on the buses.

There is a two duffle bag limit for all campers. If we are picking up your camper’s bags at home, please attach the baggage tags that you receive in June. Please mark all duffle bags with your child’s full name legibly and clearly using black marker. Bring all fishing rods, hockey sticks, musical instruments and tennis equipment to the buses for transport up to camp. Please mark all items with your child’s name.