School groups:

  1. Orientations:  Especially effective for feeder schools, our grade nine orientation program aides in the transition of students from primary school to high school.Through team building and integration, groups leave the centre in a more cohesive fashion and with inroads for their next four years of school. Universities, colleges and other post-secondary institutions have enjoyed our orientation programs, which feature tailored itineraries and unique opportunities to start the academic year off with a bang! Faculties have remarked that their orientations at Timberlane benefit the students greatly, particularly because the students arrive on campus with new friends and relationships.
  2. Graduation Celebrations:  What better way to celebrate the hard work of a student than some time away up north?  In a purely recreational setting; participants have a fun trip up to camp.  Most groups celebrating a graduation join us in June, where the days are warm and the nights are still cool.
  3. Outdoor Education Getaways:  With the ever increasing importance of outdoor education and ecology; the Timberlane conference and rec. Centre offers programs through our outdoor living specialty; as well as orienteering, eco-system investigation and interpretation, outdoor cooking, and many other disciplines of study.  We will also work with educators to create the program that is just right for your group.

Corporate groups:

  1. Training Retreats (great for new product launches): Take your staff out of the “bored-room” and into Haliburton.  Bringing your staff to camp eliminates all distractions and gives you a great recreation opportunity.  Imagine training your staff and doing some great brain-storming in the morning and then paddling or fishing in the afternoon.  Many groups have commented on how much they accomplished during their stays and how the juxtaposition of work and leisure provides a lot of creative opportunity.
  2. Bonding, Team Building, Group Dynamics:  Groups that are serious about team cohesion have found our ropes course and climbing wall a great “jumping” off point for team building.  In concert with our higher risk activities, our qualified staff will guide your group through cooperative games, team challenges, and other activities designed to bring people together. De-briefing at the end of our programs help the activity leave an impact on its participants.

Sports groups:

  1. Dry Land Training Opportunities: Timberlane provides great training opportunities for sports teams; both recreational and competitive.  With our ample amount of land, we have biking trails, hiking areas, and plenty of room for cross country running.
  2. Team Building: Especially effective for new teams coming together.  This program immerses the players in a non-competitive environment that fosters trust, balance, and cohesion.
  3. Try-outs, Combines, Conditioning Trips:  Haven’t quite decided on what this season’s team will look like yet?  Do you want to see how your players get along and relate to each other?  Take them away for a couple of days!  Finish your try-outs while observing how the players interact with each other.